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Last Minute Back to School Outfit 

So like kiddos, I know I already did one post with American Eagle about going back to school, but I’m sure there are tons of you guys that are relentlessly procrastinating aka spending every last minute enjoying the freedom that comes from summer (yes, it’s a great feeling). Don’t worry though, I got your back for at least the first and second day of class, and after that you’re on your own (jk, you can find tons of inspiration on my blog :P )

Above is a stylish yet laid back outfit perfect for the cool days of fall soon to come with the first days of class. My number one take away is if you don’t already own a quality leather jacket in brown or black at this point in your life. This is a MANDATORY staple piece that every guys needs in their closet. The rest are just interchangeable pieces in helping you stay looking fresh. 


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